Gourmet holiday in Ischgl
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A stylish gourmet holiday

How to make your culinary quest exquisite

Linger and savour with intent: Embark on an extraordinary culinary journey at your gourmet hotel in Ischgl.

Are you a true connoisseur of fine dining? Do you love the way the diverse flavours of refined dishes tantalise your palate? And can you imagine nothing better on your holiday than to experience this feeling of bliss every day?

At our gourmet hotel in Ischgl, we’re experts in pure and flawless culinary art. From the delectable breakfast buffet to the exquisite 5-course dinner in the evening, at Hotel Seespitz we celebrate the joy of indulgence and focus on the taste of high-quality, regional ingredients. The result? An exciting fusion of authentic Tyrolean cuisine and first-class international specialities.

So how to best plan your gourmet holiday? Here are our best tips!

#1: Destination and budget
First things first: Identify what region you would like to explore. What kind of cuisine or local products are you interested in? Are you looking for fine dining experiences or authentic local fare? Gourmet experiences can be expensive, so be sure to factor in your budget when making your plans.

#2: Research and plan
Once the destination has been decided, it’s time to start planning the details. Use online resources, guidebooks, and local recommendations to find out about the best culinary offerings in your chosen destination. Familiarise yourself with the local etiquette and traditions surrounding food and dining.

#3: Accommodation
For a successful gourmet holiday, the right accommodation is a must! Choose a hotel with a proven gourmet cuisine and other culinary highlights – like our Hotel Seespitz in Ischgl. From the Michelin-star-worthy cuisine to the excellent wine cellar and the extraordinary Seespitz lounge, there are new culinary surprises to discover here every day.

#4: Culinary highlights and experiences
During your holiday, are there any special culinary events or workshops near your destination? Does your hotel offer its own gourmet packages? Plan your desired culinary experiences in advance and reserve tastings, tours, courses, and your table in the region’s most popular restaurants early.

#5: Cultural and sporting activities
Combine the culinary highlights of your holiday with cultural experiences and sporting activities. For example, this could be a hike to an alpine hut with typical, regional cuisine or visits to museums and historical sites.

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