Wellness trends for 2024
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Next-level spa: the five biggest wellness trends in 2024

Ready to begin your journey to deep relaxation?

From new health to hybrid spas: Innovative, holistic, and beneficial wellness trends are waiting for you in 2024.

Curious? We’re going to update you on the most popular spa trends of the year, because there’s something that’s important to us at our hotel in Ischgl: That you feel completely comfortable and relaxed. In our modern and stylish spa area, you’ll be immersed in a world of deep well-being. Don’t underestimate the importance of self-care and creating the time to renew your body, mind, and spirit. What will be your relaxation experience? Maybe one of these wellness trends!

#1: New health

Achieving optimal health and longevity is the core principal of the “new health” spa movement. Wellness is developing more and more from just a feel-good experience to an entire therapeutic and medical approach to holistic well-being. This approach is about regeneration and prevention, alleviating symptoms and maintaining health, but also specific therapies with long-term effects such as cryotherapy, infusion therapy, and light therapy. The increasingly popular medical spa is also in alignment with the “new health” philosophy. At Hotel Seespitz, we take care of your health with professional physiotherapy and kinesio taping.

#2: Mindfulness and self-care

The movement towards mindfulness and self-care has been among the top wellness trends for several years – and rightly so, in our opinion. In 2024, it’s apparent this will increasingly develop in a personalised direction. What does that mean for you? Feel within yourself how you relax best: Is it meditation or exercise? A relaxing visit to the sauna or a long walk in nature? A short pause on our Zerobody Dry Float lounger or a massage under the experienced and caring hands of our therapist? Whatever is good for your body and spirit is good for you. 

#3: Nature and sustainability

More and more people are attaching importance to experiencing wellness and self-care in harmony with nature. This begins with natural healing methods and treatment products with natural and regional ingredients and continues with seeking out the sustainable use of resources. At Hotel Seespitz, we are keenly aware of our responsibility for our environment, which is the reason we only use first-class natural cosmetics locally sourced from the Vorarlberg-based company Valentina & Philippa.

#4: Digital detox

This might be one of our most important wellness trends today: Put your smartphone and laptop aside, turn off the TV, and consciously allow yourself screen-free time. Overstimulation from devices and information saturation, as well as making ourselves always available, can create stress and anxiety in our nervous system. A conscious decision to avoid digital media helps ensure that you slow down and practice mindfulness – and being in the present moment. By the way, our luxurious rooms, suites, and apartments are the perfect hideaway to relax, retreat, and experience some screen-free moments.

#5: Hybrid spa

A pampering spa experience combined with innovative technologies? This is the philosophy of the hybrid spa. State-of-the-art technological systems are cleverly integrated into the wellness treatments to create a high-quality and even more comprehensive feel-good experience.

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